Friday, August 1, 2008


Something similar was written a few weeks ago along the same vein, but it must be pointed out that the calendar now reads “August.” Typically, much of European business ceases to exist for the month (with of course the major exception being the restaurants and the tourist spots). In the U.S., earnings season winds down after next week and it is typically the hottest month of the year weather-wise. Add to the mix that the Olympics will take place on the Asian continent so many eyes will be on that. Last year was very atypical as the financial crisis began accelerating rapidly. However, in most years (particularly after a bit of a stock market rally- or bounce- in a bear market), August can be a perilous month for day trading. Thus, external events aside which cannot be foreseen, be extra careful trading-wise. Have a reason to do all trades and be inactive when the market is listless. There will be opportunities; there always are. However, the opportunities are less numerous in nature in the latter half of August in particular. The net because there is a positive to this- do a little extra when things are busy intra-day throughout the month because the opportunities that are there are smoother as people simply want to do business and go to the beach, but certainly pull back on the trading when (and if) the market indeed gets quiet. With all of this said, as long as the markets are volatile, it is not time for the beaches yet.

Overnight, markets were down mildly overseas. Oil is down again in the early going. And futures are up following the unemployment data. If the market holds its strength into the open, it will likely be an A-B-A2 to upside for the day in quiet trading as it is gonna be perfect weather-wise in the New York area today. There should be one little sell off but there seems to be an underlying bid to the market. As long as there are no external events, it hsould be a relatively mild day after the first hour.

Reiterating-New code for the next few days if the whole story is not there due to an expansive number of ideas-
If something is good, assume either a short thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specifiedIf something is bad, assume either a buy thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specified


SWIM- great earnings

VPRT- great earnings

KLAC- good earnings

THOR- great earnings

GHM- good earnings

ANR- way up on battle for takeover; if CLF (which should trade higher) opens up and goes negative, looking to short thru unch


ATVI- mediocre earnings

CHK- only beat by a penny; whisper expectations higher

VCLK- warned.

SYNA- mediocre earnings

CTSH- weak earnings

VRTX- weak earnings

ELN, BIIB- negative drug news

NYX- bad earnings

OSK- bad earnings

PPL- bad earnings

CVX- missed earnings; really like this through unch if oil begins rallying

Table of today’s earnings:


AEE .73/1.95B 1.33/2.25B 3.09/8.49B 3.57/9.07B

AIV .81/395M .82/397M 3.25/1.70B 3.41/1.69B

ASF .43/418M .45/423M 1.87/1.73B 2.00/1.90B

BW .43/236M .53/255M 1.89/1.02B 2.32/1.10B

BYD .27/463M .32/459M 1.23/1.86B 1.27/1.88B

CI .97/4.76B 1.11/4.83B 4.17/19.04B 4.81/20.16B

CLX 1.11/1.48B .88/1.35B 3.23/5.26B 3.72/5.62B

CVX 3.03/92.41B 3.82/92.97B 12.62/313.00B 13.11/330.25B

EQT .43/290B .41/265M 2.06/1.58B 2.73/1.63B

FE .96/3.55B 1.50/4.55B 4.28/13.65B 5.36/14.82B

GHM .79/? .99/? 3.53/85M 4.19/?

GM -2.63/44.57B -2.00/44.25B -6.48/175.97B -3.10/182.90B

IR .89/3.06B 1.07/4.44B 3.71/13.98B 4.31/17.75B

JAVA .26/3.78B .11/3.21B .82/13.88B .96/14.03B

KBR .36/2.33B .41/2.35B 1.78/9.51B 1.91/9.43B

NT -.04/2.50B .19/2.74B .57/11.20B .93/11.59B

NYX .78/815M .78/818M 3.27/3.32B 4.03/3.58B

OSK 1.05/1.89B .92/1.80B 3.44/6.97B 3.32/7.03B

PPL .55/1.71B .62/1.73B 2.42/7.17B 2.51/7.27B

PEG .59/2.79B 1.05/3.36B 3.00/14.01B 3.31/14.57B

RAS ?/57M ?/56M ?/202M ?/203M

TDW1.52/333M 1.74/347M 7.17/1.40B 8.28/1.57B

Good luck today.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


In alliance with the ‘summer market’ sermon given a few weeks ago, there is another major theme that most traders do not understand. Namely, ‘if an idea you have does not set up correctly, move on.’ So many times, traders will say “Well, it’s close enough,” or even worse, they will put on a trade even if the situation they thought would occur does not occur. This overtrading inevitably leads to small losses. Let this be hammered home again- focus on the trade at hand; if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. Move on. If a company’s CEO resigns and its stock price opens a little lower and you want to buy it thru unchanged and you miss it, do not buy it way way up. By all means, you should be flexible and ready to change your mind about something at a second’s notice, but do not deviate seriously from your battle plan. The reason this theme is being discussed is that so many people say “Well, I missed my original buying point, but I’ll buy it here since it is moving so fast;” inevitably, that is the exact time that the stock reverses direction. Bottom line- if you have a set-up that is not quite working out, do not enter. And if you are in a stock and the move you expect is not occurring in the time horizon you expect, don’t be in it anymore (i.e. if you think stock X will go to point Y in two minutes and it doesn’t, exit). Almost as important as capital appreciation is capital preservation.

Markets in Asia were up a bit overnight while the European bourses are quiet. In the U.S., futures are up yet again in the very early going ahead of the GDP report. Today will likely be a bit slower than yesterday with choppy trading; some profit taking is to be expected, but the tone of the market overall remains quite strong.

Reiterating-New code for the next few days if the whole story is not there due to an expansive number of ideas-If something is good, assume either a short thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specifiedIf something is bad, assume either a buy thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specified


V- good earnings; best trade of day will be when MA comes out. If earnings are good, V will explode. If MA is bad, short thru unch. Will be trade of week if that is the case.

CADX- positive drug news

CLF- good earnings, but has run up a lot

DRIV – good earnings

FSLR- great earnings

RIMM- on Cramer last night

BUCY- has had huge run-up; could be buy thru 76 if it opens down, an A-B-A2 if it opens higher or a short thru 76 if it opens higher, but sells off

RIG,SLB,HES,NOV- all closed at or near their highs yesterday

PRU- good earnings

SBUX- bad earnings for quarter, but sees strength into 2009

FLS- great earnings

FORM- good earnings

SYMC- good earnings

ITRI- good earnings

TYC- good earnings

MEA- good earnings

DSX,GNK- good earnings

GT- good earnings

IMCL- offered 60 in cash by BMY; if it trades above 60, it is a buy

MRO- bad earnings, but trying to split itself up

OCR- good earnings


AKAM- wretched earnings

DIS- mediocre earnings

LVS- bad earnings

OII- bad earnings

XOM- bad earnings

HOLX- bad earnings

CNX- atrocious earnings

Table of today’s earnings:


ABX .56/2.11B .63/2.18B 2.42/8.53B 2.71/8.96B

ADP .41/2.20B .50/2.16B 2.18/8.77B 2.41/9.46B

AEP .68/3.20B 1.11/3.96B 3.21/14.02B 3.40/14.68B

AET .93/7.87B 1.11/7.99B 4.01/31.57B 4.45/34.04B

APA 4.10/3.82B 3.26/4.03B 15.93/14.88B 17.14/16.07B

AUXL -.31/30M -.28/32M -1.15/123M -.83/149M

BABY .14/39M .19/42M .69/164M .87/190M

BPO .38/562M .39/565M 1.50/2.73B 1.59/2.81B

BWA .75/1.51B .64/1.46B 2.87/5.98B 3.29/6.68B

CBS .52/3.41B .46/3.39B 1.91/14.41B 1.94/14.73B

CEG 1.01/4.53B 1.74/5.48B 5.52/22.77B 6.40/23.99B

CNX .80/1.16B .89/1.19B 3.04/4.46B 8.60/6.39B

CPF .22/63M .40/65M 1.13/256M 2.08/261M

CRS 1.11/516M 1.16/493M 4.45/1.94B 4.89/2.05B

CTL .81/654M .81/654M 3.26/2.60B 3.32/2.55B

CVC .13/1.68B .11/1.64B .45/7.09B 1.04/7.53B

CVS .60/21.43B .61/21.42B 2.49/87.37B 2.89/93.76B

D .51/3.30B 1.01/3.70B 3.12/15.52B 3.34/16.16B

DLX .62/383M .79/390M 2.93/1.58B 3.28/1.59B

DSX .76/83M .76/83M 2.96/326M 2.71/315M

EK .16/2.44B .34/2.52B .62/10.30B 1.01/10.31B

ENDP .48/305M .54/322M 2.11/1.26B 2.64/1.46B

EXPE .39/794M .46/857M 1.45/3.09B 1.67/3.44B

FAF .43/1.73B .42/1.72B 1.52/6.76B 1.91/7.10B

FPL .93/4.14B 1.38/4.84B 3.88/15.90B 4.23/16.90B

GG .21/634M .27/715M 1.02/2.75B 1.28/3.26B

GNK 1.76/98M 1.74/101M 7.32/405M 9.37/537M

GT .62/5.27B .72/5.43B 2.46/20.98B 3.12/22.11B

HP 1.03/508M 1.13/545M 4.09/1.99B 5.04/2.42B

HOS .95/107M 1.07/116M 3.98/442M 5.12/555M

IFF .80/613M .83/631M 2.98/2.45B 3.34/2.55B

IP .39/5.81B .46/5.94B 1.76/23.42B 2.29/23.93B

IRM .18/760M .22/770M .78/3.07B .98/3.37B

ITG .58/183M .58/179M 2.56/756M 3.00/819M

K .81/3.27B .81/3.26B 3.00/12.87B 3.28/13.41B

LZ 1.07/1.25B 1.10/1.23B 4.30/4.96B 4.69/5.27B

MA 2.02/1.21B 2.50/1.27B 8.74/4.93B 11.06/5.62B

MDC -.82/371M -.53/372M -3.02/1.56B .08/1.30B

MEA .25/208M .26/208M .94/788M 1.13/892M

MO .45/4.17B .45/4.34B 1.67/15.94B 1.84/15.99B

MOT -.03/7.69B .01/7.85B .02/71.78B .37/34.11B

MRO 1.51/23.63B 2.13/27.50B 6.75/80.26B 7.90/91.62B

NMX .82/206M .91/220M 3.46/853M 4.41/1.02B

NWL .48/1.81B .42/1.79B 1.55/6.81B 1.70/6.94B

OCR .39/1.54B .46/1.55B 1.75/6.21B 1.99/6.29B

PH 1.50/3.23B 1.47/3.07B 5.55/12.03B 6.07/12.85B

PTEN .51/516M .56/555M 2.12/2.13B 2.54/2.40B

PTRY .29/2.45B .42/2.70B .63/8.73B 1.80/9.88B

REP 1.12/? 1.11/? 4.50/76.80B 4.18/71.49B

SFI .80/314M .73/314M 2.98/1.32B 3.01/1.29B

SPR .59/1.09B .58/1.11B 2.36/4.37B 2.61/4.74B

TEN .72/1.71B .37/1.63B 1.66/6.57B 2.24/7.15B

TRW .74/4.33B .16/3.85B 2.25/16.55B 2.41/17.20B

TYC .67/5.14B .71/5.28B 2.76/20.10B 3.26/21.02B

UTHR .58/64M .61/67M 2.18/264M 3.58/349M

VCI .25/615M .38/618M 1.37/2.51B 1.66/2.57B

WYN .47/1.18B .81/1.36B 2.23/4.78B 2.45/5.15B

XEL .30/2.52B .58/2.68B 1.52/10.99B 1.63/11.32B

XOM 2.52/144.39B 2.70/145.26B 9.82/667.74B 10.52/683.16B


AFG .89/? .92/? 3.91/1.09B 3.54/?

AOC .69/1.93B .64/1.85B 2.89/7.83B 3.43/8.11B

ATVID .19/594M .07/387M 1.38/3.19B 1.47/3.39B

BOOM .43/59M .61/67M 2.18/258M 2.65/297M

CA .35/1.10B .36/1.12B 1.47/4.55B 1.69/4.87B

CHK .88/2.24B .95/2.39B 4.01/8.81B 4.33/10.96B

CPT .90/158M .90/160M 3.62/636M 3.74/671M

CQB 1.09/1.31B -.54/1.08B 1.58/4.83B 1.67/4.92B

CTSH .35/682M .39/748M 1.48/2.88B 1.88/3.78B

GFIG .22/276M .21/270M .94/1.14B 1.12/1.31B

GPRO .36/106M .45/117M 1.76/455M 1.87/489M

ITMN -.60/12M -.58/13M -2.53/43M -2.76/46M

KLAC .57/573M .54/559M 2.72/2.50B 2.40/2.31B

MEE .77/716M .86/756M 3.02/2.85B 5.80/3.59B

MFE .45/369M .48/373M 1.91/1.51B 2.17/1.66B

MIL .85/408M .87/406M 3.61/1.66B 4.13/1.78B

MNST .37/361M .40/360M 1.45/1.46B 1.78/1.58B

MNT .38/106M .29/93M 1.42/409M 1.71/457M

MPWR .20/40M .32/46M 1.03/166M 1.31/191M

OIS .96/578M 1.14/613M 4.62/2.45B 5.27/2.73B

ORH .86/593M .77/597M 3.00/2.68B 3.18/2.26B

SGMS .33/296M .36/311M 1.30/1.18B 1.55/1.25B

SMG 1.92/1.15B -.21/540M 2.02/2.98B 2.16/3.14B

SWIM .17/88M .16/86M .66/354M .67/387M

SYNA .42/93M .59/102M 1.93/356M 2.43/427M

TSRA .08/55M .16/57M .51/233M 1.16/270M

VCLK .17/165M .16/162M .74/689M .83/751M

VPRT .30/107M .30/111M 1.16/397M 1.56/536M

VRTX -.60/69M -.82/44M -2.99/199M -2.96/218M

WRI .78/153M .80/154M 3.18/613M 3.32/628M

WTW .89/416M .71/354M 2.89/1.58B 3.12/1.69B

Good luck today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Recently, a friend of an Richard Rizzo took a trip to Mongolia. While on her way to that country, her flight had a stop in Beijing, China. The most notable part of that experience was the fact that her boarding passes were issued to her…in handwriting. That’s right. Three weeks or so before the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic games, she was getting issued boarding passes in handwriting rather than electronically at what will be the epicenter of the world’s airports for a spate as eyes shift toward China for the Olympiad. One can only imagine the scene at this airport in the next few days as the world’s finest athletes arrive at that facility. So how does this relate to day trading? Many of the companies that day traders speculate upon- particularly in the next few days- will be those of Chinese variety. The stocks of such entities as Netease (NTES), Sohu (SOHU), and China Prosperity (CPSL) are but a few stocks that may be in the news as their names get more known by the world’s investors. That said, be sure you know what it is you are trading as well as the scale of the illiquidity involved. Now, obviously, these things are not long-term investments for day trading, but many day traders will be dealing with these small stocks so realize the scale (or lack thereof) of these stocks based on that aforementioned parable. China may well become an industrial power, but for day traders, it will be an interesting play these next few weeks in all likelihood yet it is one that will involve much rapid momentum movement.

Stocks throughout the rest of the world were up on the heels of the nice day in the U.S. yesterday market-wise. Oil is down some more as well. Certainly at the open, look for some continued strength; from there, it will be an A-B-A2 higher in all likelihood; if not, be looking to sell relative weakness.

Reiterating-New code for the next few days if the whole story is not there due to an expansive number of ideas-If something is good, assume either a short thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specifiedIf something is bad, assume either a buy thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specified


LRCX- good earnings

BWLD – good earnings

BEXP- announced a drilling find

STAR- great earnings

CTX- good earnings

CMI- great earnings

SPW- good earnings

NATI- great earnings

HOKU- signed $300 million deal which could change the way people look at this company

ELN/WYE- phase II results out and viewed as very negative by the market

USS- closed near low of day

IAR- closed near low of day

VRAD- closed near low of day

ERTS- weak earnings

CEPH- weak earnings

CBG- terrible earnings

MET- terrible earnings; missed quarter and warned

SIMO- missed on quarter and warned on year

EQ- bad earnings

ALGN- bad earnings

HBI- bad earnings

CTV- bad earnings

ULTI- terrible earnings

OMX- bad earnings

GLW- bad earnings

GRMN- terrible earnings

Good luck today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Arguably the most popular philosophical question in the known universe is “Why?” And of course the simple answer to that one is “why not?” So many day traders overthink many many things. More often than not, it is best to simply act and not overthink (from a day trading standpoint anyway). Over the weekend, the FCC finally approved the merger of the two largest satellite radio entities (Sirius Satellite – SIRI – and XM Satellite Radio- XMSR). This approval has taken over a year to get and many people felt it’d cause both stocks to go up because of the synergies involved in unifying the operations of the two players. Of course, these same people are ignoring the fact that the business is still a losing one thus both stocks fell yesterday. The point here is this: The deal called for each share of XMSR to be worth 4.6 shares of SIRI. Based on Friday’s SIRI, close of 2.25, XMSR should have closed at 10.35; it closed instead at 9.27 for a difference of 1.08. In the early going yesterday morning in the pre-open, SIRI got to 2.35 while XMSR traded to 10.20 for a 61 cent spread. As the day progressed, particularly with rumors that the deal is going to close imminently, the spread should have come in. Yet, this spread remained wide the rest of the day. Why? Is the deal going to go through? Are the terms of the deal going to change? In short, “why not?” For day trading purposes, it is not for us to think about such things; rather, it is our job to act. It is our job to know that XMSR should move approximately 4.6 times as fast as SIRI. And most importantly, it is our job to rely on the former tenet in this discussion; if the stocks should have traded higher on the ‘good news,’ XMSR in particular was a short through unchanged yesterday morning as it could stay positive. So, basically, make sure you are educated, but don’t overthink that education and simply stick to a much more basic level of discourse- namely, if something is not acting as it should, that moves away from the expected result tends to be exacerbated with more time.

Markets in Asia followed through on Wall Street’s weakness by closing significantly lower. Europe has followed suit although losses weren’t as bad. State-side, markets are actually up in the early going in shaking off MER’s news. Today is one of those days that you’ve got to go with the markets and not your brain per se. If the markets rally on short covering and a lot of these financials open down yet get stronger, universally, thye are buys across the board. Conversely, the exact opposite can happen. It is going to be quite herky-jerky as evidenced by the wild movement in MER pre-open so be vigilant, but there are a lot of opportunities out there today.

Reiterating-New code for the next few days if the whole story is not there due to an expansive number of ideas-If something is good, assume either a short thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specifiedIf something is bad, assume either a buy thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specified


AMGN- good earnings following up on yesterday's strength

SCA- big convoluted deal in which XL is paying SCA and SCA is paying MER for some of the losses. Lots of money shaping hands, but SCA benefits.

CF- good earnings, but weak revenues

HIG- good earnings

MOS- good earnings although stock down last night.

RNN- very strong yesterday

ANR- great earnings

CLR –good earnings

TFX- good earnings

WLT- good earnings

VLO- good earnings

X- great earnings

AG- good earnings

NOV- good earnings


MER- announced gigantic share offering. But stock has been crushed last few days so if it opens sharply lower, really look for that bounce in particular through unchanged as this news may well be factored in already.

XL- insurer for much of MER stuff thus writing off a lot of money.

CMP- terrible earnings

ATHR- bad earnings

ZRAN- bad earnings

IOC- still waiting on oil find news; stock down a lot yesterday

SCRX- weak on drug news all day yesterday

BAC, BK, WB, ZION, WFC, STI, USB- all weak yesterday; watching MER as leader in financials and will likely go where MER goes

GKK, RWT, AIG, PPC- all weak yesterday on close; may be follow through

Good luck today.

Monday, July 28, 2008


One of the most common questions any trader has is: “When I buy a stock and expect it to immediately move but it does not act as expected, what should I do?” The answer to this oftentimes is stunningly simple. Add the word ‘time’ to the equation. For instance, let’s say a stock opens at 19, up 2 points. It falls to 18.75. You buy 19.01 in thinking that it should go to 19.25 fast with the other thought being that it should not below 19. It goes to 19.10 and gets stuck…you sell half your position. At this point, your focus should not necessarily be on the 19.25 if the stock peels back a little; rather you know it should not go below 19 because the old resistance point now becomes support. Therefore, the second the stock goes below 19, you should be out. This becomes almost mechanical over time if you practice it enough. So, the short and sweet answer is: if a position does not act as expected, make sure you remember what your instinct/thoughts told you about the time horizon for the move to happen when you entered into the position. If the move is not commiserating with your time horizon, exit and go on to the next trade.

Overnight, the markets were relatively quiet in Asia with prices relatively flat; in Europe, the bourses are down across the board albeit off of their lows. Oil is back up. Basically, there is a mish-mosh of news; the FNM/FRE bill was approved, the XMSR-SIRI deal was approved, and Steve Jobs should be OK according to the “New York Times.” But people are still nervous so look for tricky choppy sloppy summer Monday trading.

Reiterating-New code for the next few days if the whole story is not there due to an expansive number of ideas-If something is good, assume either a short thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specifiedIf something is bad, assume either a buy thru unchanged or an A-B-A2 based on direction of the market unless specified


AMGN- way way up on positive phase II drug news

CALM- solid earnings

AAPL – up on a “NY Times” article which implies that Jobs is OK . Stock should stay up today; short thru unch particularly if market weakens later else it could be a meandering A-B-A2 to upside

KFT- good earnings

GBCI- closed strong Friday

IBCP- closed strong on Friday

SOHU- great earnings

IOC- expected to announce good results of an oil find imminently

FNM/FRE- housing deal approved over the weekend by the Senate

XMSR/SIRI- merger finally approved by FCC over weekend. Terms are 4.6 shares of SIRI for every share of XMSR


AMFI- closed near a low; may follow through in that whole ‘separation of good vs bad banks’ theme

IBNK- closed on its low

FRGB- yet another bank closing on its low

SSP- weak on Friday



BOH .93/160M .96/164M 3.93/654M 3.96/376M

CALM ? ? ? ?

FMX .64/3.95B .61/4.08B 2.36/15.26B 2.63/16.80B

KFT .50/10.70B .46/10.32B 1.89/42.95B 2.04/44.36B

L 1.14/? 1.01/? 4.30/18.11B 5.15/18.96B

LO 1.38/1.04B 1.40/1.04B 5.24/3.77B 5.73/3.82B

ONB .29/103M .28/103M 1.08/418M 1.12/420M

SOHU .67/97M .71/107M 2.67/392M 3.53/484M

SPG 1.49/884M 1.58/917M 6.44/3.77B 6.95/3.99B

TSN .12/7.00B .16/7.09B .43/27.44B 1.07/28.57B

VZ .65/24.19B .67/24.64B 2.61/96.52B 2.90/102.26B

WWY .68/1.53B .65/1.45B 2.52/5.92B 2.77/6.36B


AMGN 1.02/3.58B 1.04/3.59B 4.19/14.42B 4.45/14.91B

ATHR .30/121M .34/133M 1.31/515M 1.56/617M

BBV ?/? ?/? 2.58/30.21B 2.91/33.05B

CF 3.60/1.21B 3.65/1.12B 14.54/4.24B 19.78/5.01B

CHE .69/284M .72/288M 2.95/1.16B 3.29/1.22B

CGNX .22/67M .23/66M .91/265M 1.15/303M

CMP .26/158M .50/177M 4.13/1.08B 6.44/1.28B

CR .88/709M .92/717M 3.50/2.82B 3.90/2.96B

CYH .57/2.75B .59/2.79B 2.35/11.13B 2.94/11.87B

HIG 2.10/7.21B 2.07/6.91B 9.04/21.24B 10.07/26.05B

MOS 1.64/2.85B 2.85/3.95B 4.24/9.18B 12.83/17.64B

MPG -.85/140M -.85/141M ?/582M -3.34/575M

MTH -.69/368M -.53/397M -3.12/1.58B -.27/1.42B

MTW .89/1.23B .85/1.21B 3.42/4.80B 3.87/5.40B

OMI .55/1.77B .57/1.79B 2.31/7.17B 2.59/7.56B

PAC .50/82M .54/87M 2.19/344M 2.32/367M

PCL .16/346M .36/398M 1.13/1.53B 1.38/1.58B

PRE 2.59/1.06B 2.70/1.21B 10.14/4.44B 9.96/4.43B

RCII .56/704M .50/694M 2.24/2.88B 2.42/2.96B

RKT .70/774M .76/785M 2.63/2.86B 3.24/3.33B

SLG 1.71/262M 1.52/254M 6.22/1.02B 6.47/1.03B

STR .85/876M .82/825M 3.57/3.40B 3.95/3.50B

UHS .91/1.27B .81/1.27B 3.79/5.13B 4.13/5.53B

WBSN .31/84M .30/83M 1.24/335M 1.38/352M

ZRAN .15/133M .29/154M .72/539M .90/582M

Good luck today.